UNS Scholarships for Students in Indonesia 2024 | Fully Funded |

UNS Scholarship for Students in Indonesia 2024

AndUNS Scholarship for Students in Indonesia 2024 | Fully Funded |

Are you planning to study abroad in Indonesia? His UNS Scholarship for students in Indonesia 2024 is the greatest opportunity for you. Full scholarships are awarded for bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. To be selected for one of the world’s great scholarships, you must make a good impression in front of the selection committee, pass the interview, and carefully fill out the application form. Scholarships are awarded for up to eight semesters for bachelor’s programs, four semesters for master’s programs, and six semesters for doctoral programs. And receive the scholarship for the entire duration of the program, you must achieve a minimum grade or comply with the academic regulations of Indonesian law. 

Eligible for the Universitas Sebelas Maret Scholarship opportunity, you must request a letter of recommendation from your nearest Indonesian Embassy or Consulate General. To do this, you will need to bring your UNS offer letter, degree certificate, degree certificate, and passport to prove your suitability for the program you wish to join. You must attend all lectures and participate in all academic activities of the department, course, and university. You must complete your studies on time and within the stipulated scholarship period. Otherwise, you will have to pay for the extended study period out of your own pocket. 

Fully funded international scholarships for Indonesian students in various fields of interest, designed to provide you with the opportunity to grow and contribute to the development of social, natural, and medical sciences around the world. Designed. As part of the scholarship, students will become familiar with advanced equipment, approaches, techniques, and tools. UNS scholarship is the best step for career-minded people. We offer a desirable, friendly, and career-changing environment where you can improve your Indonesian language skills and instill cultural tolerance while working with people from different backgrounds. 

Fully funded scholarships abroad are offered based on competitive rankings that determine your actual position in the academic market. The purpose of the United Nations is to foster the development of science, technology, and the arts by promoting the noble values of nations based on faith, devotion, justice, democracy, freedom, openness, sustainable development, partnership, and equality. To become a global center. Universitas Selebas Maret provides students with a quality education that contributes to their personal and professional development through the acquisition of necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes. It also aims to carry out research that leads to innovation and discovery in available areas. Additionally, the Institute is active in community service programs focused on community development and strengthening. 

UNS Scholarship for Students in Indonesia 2024:

Host country:

  • Indonesia

Host university:

  • Universitas Selebas Maret

Program level:

  • Bachelor level. 
  • Master level. 
  • Ph.D. Level

Indonesia UNS Scholarship Duration:

  • UNS Undergraduate Scholarship: 8 Semesters
  • UNS Masters Scholarship: 4 Semesters
  • UNS Doctoral Scholarship: 6 Semesters

Benefits of the  UNS Scholarship for International Students 2024:

  • Tuition fee exemption will be granted. 
  • Monthly living allowance depending on the program enrolled:
    • For the bachelor level, 1,000,000 IDR. 
    • 1,250,000 IDR for a Master’s degree. 
    • 1,750,000 IDR for PhD level. 
  • Breakfast is served in the student residence hall. 
  • Free Indonesian language courses are offered. 
  • You will be staying in a shared room in a student dormitory. 

Eligibility Criteria for UNS Scholarship in Indonesia 2024:

General requirements:

  • Anyone other than Indonesian nationality can apply. 
  • You must demonstrate a strong interest in pursuing a degree at UNS. 
  • You must be passionate enough to participate in the interview via video call. 
  • They should not be recognized as refugees. He should not be convicted. 
  • There should be financial support. 
  • All required documents must be completed and attached in order for your admission to be considered. 

Language requirements:

  • Must have achieved the following TOEFL scores: at least 450 points for natural science courses, at least 500 points for social science courses, or a corresponding score on an academic language test there is. 
  • To attend classes at UNS, you must be willing to complete an Indonesian language course. 

How to apply for UNS Scholarship 2024 in Indonesia:

  • Applicants must visit the application website. 
  • Download the offer letter from there. 
  • Applicants can review and select their preferred program from the available list. 
  • You will need to upload the required documents in the “Upload” section. 
  • Enter your personal information. 
  • After submitting your documents, you will need to print your registration card. 
  • After making your selection, you will receive a notification of acceptance. 

Selection criteria for UNS Fully Funded Scholarship 2024:

  • Decision of the Management Selection Committee. 
  • Computer-based testing qualifications. 
  • Quality of interviews. 

Documents required for the Universitas Selebas Maret Scholarship 2024:

  • Current photo. A color copy of your passport with at least 18 months of validity. 
  • Graduation certificate (English or Indonesian) Transcript (English or Indonesian). 
  • Health certificate (English or Indonesian). 
  • Create your resume according to the template provided. 
  • Financial report according to the template provided. 
  • Personal statement according to the template provided. 
  • A certificate proving your Indonesian language skills. 
  • A certificate proving your English proficiency. 
  • Two letters of recommendation from your immediate supervisor or professor. 
  • A research proposal when applying to a doctoral program. letter of motivation. 
  • A letter of recommendation from the Indonesian embassy in your country. 

Application deadline for UNS scholarship:

The application deadline for UNS Scholarships 2024 in Indonesia is September 30, 2023.

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