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How to apply for Otago University Scholarship in NZ

Unveiling Scholarships at the University of Otago, New Zealand


How to apply for Otago University scholarship in New Zealand? That’s great than Otago university offers a fantastic chance for both local and international students Interested in continuing your postgraduate studies in New Zealand on a scholarship? Take the chance; your luck has steered you in the right direction. The University of Otago PhD Scholarships support funding for graduate students pursuing research in related fields. Candidates applying for the Otago Scholarship must be aiming for their first Ph.D. You have the potential to be selected for research and must have an academic record that distinguishes you from other applicants.

This scholarship in New Zealand is a great opportunity to hone your research skills in line with current market trends. These research grants combine classroom lectures, tutorials, lab experiments, assignments, and reading materials. New Zealand’s first university, the University of Otago, started with few resources but has now expanded its reach from Invercargill to Auckland. This international university has so far produced approximately 4,500 graduate students and more than 1,500 doctoral students. Ranked 194th in the QS World Rankings, it is one of the top international universities.

With 13 flagship research centres, the University of Otago has achieved excellence in research and teaching, including winning three Prime Minister’s Science Awards over the past decade. New Zealand’s top universities spent US$208 million in external research funding. The School of Otago surpassed its TEC Educational Performance Index, which measures student achievement and attachment ratings. The university has also won the highest award six times in the past nine years. You will have the opportunity to work with Otago’s teams, which have achieved great success in business case and debate competitions around the world.

The University of Otago International Scholarship Opportunities will be a worthwhile option for participants. Otago students are highly valued for their negotiation, interpersonal, conceptual, independent judgement, and analytical skills. This is why employers around the world were thrilled with Otago students. Over 90% of Otago students find a job immediately after completing their education. You will have the opportunity to learn from world-class instructors and professors who stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the best instructors in the world. Teachers were breaking long-standing records by winning Teaching Excellence Awards. Your stay is therefore beneficial to you in every way.

University of Otago, New Zealand Scholarships:

Host country:

  • New Zealand

Host university:

  • University of Otago

Number of scholarships:

  • 180 postgraduate research grants from the University of Otago, New Zealand

Graduation level:

  • PhD 
  • Professional Ph.D.

Grant period:

  • The duration of the research grant is 36 months.


The University of Otago Scholarship Benefits 2023:

  • In favour of doctoral research financing.
  • Doctors of Philosophy and other professional doctorates receive a yearly remuneration of NZ$30,696.
  • Doctor of Philosophy students are exempt from domestic tuition fees for up to 36 months.
  • Waiver of the tuition charge for up to 36 months.
  • exposure to working in a global environment while conducting research.
  • knowledge of cutting-edge research procedures


Criteria for University of Otago Scholarships 2023 Eligibility:


  • Both domestic and foreign students are eligible to apply.
  • completion of a master’s programme with a minimum EFTS score of 0.75.
  • Relevant advanced papers should be followed with the degree
  • The grades of all pertinent advanced-level papers will be taken into account in the event that a Master’s degree is not obtained.
  • The GPA should be noted on the transcripts if any other university has completed any prior requirements.
  • It is preferred if the applicant has research potential.
  • It is recommended if the applicant has a history of research.
  • It is required to have the concerned department head’s recommendation.

How do I submit an Application for a University of Otago Scholarship in 2023?


  • Students must submit their applications online at the university.
  • Fill out the admissions application with the necessary credentials.
  • Give thoughtful answers to each inquiry.
  • Carefully read over your application form.
  • An invitation to apply for the scholarship will be delivered to your e-Vision portal following the submission of the application.

New Zealand’s University of Otago Scholarship selection criteria are as follows:

  • Possibility of research.
  • academic excellence.

Application Deadline:

  • There is no deadline. The applicant may submit an application at any time of the year.


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