Oxford Pershing Square Scholarship 24-25 | fully funded

Oxford Pershing Square Scholarship 24-25 | fully funded


Commence your academic journey in the United Kingdom. The Oxford Pershing Square Scholarship is presently accepting applications. The Oxford Pershing Square Scholarship for the academic year 2024-2025 is a comprehensive scholarship opportunity that covers all expenses for overseas students pursuing their studies at the esteemed University of Oxford. A total of five scholarships are currently being offered for both the Masters and MBA programs. The scholarship encompasses the entire cost of tuition and offers a sum of £15,609 to support living expenses during the duration of the two-year study program. The Pershing Square Foundation annually grants a maximum of five full scholarships to exceptional 1+1 MBA students, encompassing the Masters and MBA years. The scholarship offers the opportunity to pursue any of the affiliated Master’s degrees and integrate them with our Master of Business 

Administration (MBA) program. Additionally, this opportunity is open to individuals who are presently enrolled in one of the Master’s partnering programs who are interested in pursuing an MBA. The primary objective of providing financial support for educational expenses, university fees, and additional funds to cover living expenses over the whole duration of the two-year study program. Participants will also have the opportunity to attend a summer “walk” in New York City organized by the Pershing Square Foundation. This event will provide a platform for engaging in conferences and lectures with prominent innovators and leaders in the field of transformative manufacturing. Pershing Square Scholars are allowed to engage in several esteemed gatherings and events, such as the Ditchely Conferences and the Skoll World Forum, which take place periodically throughout the year.

Scholarship Summary:

  • Academic Level: Master’s / MBA
  • Institution(s): University of Oxford.
  • Studies in: United Kingdom.
  • Duration of Program: 24 Months
  • The annual deadline for submission is January 05, 2024.

Course Offered:

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA).
  • Master of Public Policy (MPP).
  • MSc in Criminology and Criminal Justice.
  • MSc in Computer Science.
  • MSc in Education (Child Development and Education).
  • MSc in Visual, Material, and Museum Anthropology.
  • MSc in Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology.
  • MSc in Biodiversity, Conservation, and Management.
  • MSc in Environmental Change and Management.
  • MSc in Education (Comparative and International Education).
  • MSc in Education (Higher Education).
  • MSc in Comparative Social Policy.
  • MSc in Evidence-Based Social Intervention and Policy Evaluation.
  • MSc in Sociology.
  • MSc in Economic and Social History.
  • MST in Music.
  • MSc in International Health and Tropical Medicine.
  • MSc in Migration Studies.
  • MSc in Social Science of the Internet.
  • MSc in Social Anthropology.
  • MSc in Nature, Society, and Environmental Governance.
  • MSc in Water Science, Policy, and Management.
  • MSc in African Studies.
  • MSc in Contemporary Chinese Studies.
  • MSc in Japanese Studies.
  • MSc in Latin American Studies.
  • MSc in Modern South Asian Studies.
  • MSc in Russian and East European Studies.

The scope of scholarship coverage

The Oxford Pershing Square Scholarship offers a range of advantages to its recipients, including:

  • The topic under consideration is tuition fees.
  • The cost of college fees amounts to £15,609, which covers living expenses for the entire duration of the two-year study program.

Oxford Pershing Square Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

To meet the eligibility criteria for the Oxford Pershing Square Scholarship, applicants must satisfy the following prerequisites:

  • The utilization of the English language is mandatory.
  • Eligibility: All countries worldwide.
  • The topic of discussion pertains to academic accomplishments.
  • The individual has exhibited leadership potential through their practical involvement and strong drive.
  • The individual exhibits robust personal character, upholds integrity, and demonstrates unwavering commitment.
  • The aim is to prioritize the resolution of global social issues in one’s professional trajectory, either by joining an established institution or by establishing a new venture.
  • The capacity to conceptualize strategies that can effectively address these difficulties in a manner that is both scalable and sustainable.
  • This essay aims to elucidate the comprehensive view of how the Oxford 1+1 MBA program would effectively facilitate the realization of my objectives.

Please ensure that you emphasize these characteristics in your MBA application, scholarship essay, and interview responses.

Applying for Oxford Pershing Square Scholarship: Steps

To initiate the application process for the Oxford Pershing Square Scholarship, kindly adhere to the subsequent instructions:

  • To be eligible for the 1+1 MBA program, applicants must satisfy the admission criteria for both the Oxford MBA and their preferred Master’s program.
  • In the process of completing your MBA application, it is imperative to include a scholarship essay alongside the mandatory MBA essays. The prompt for this year’s inquiry is as follows: “What are your intentions for effecting change on a global scale?” What insights can be gleaned about your character based on this information? The user’s text is already academic. No more rewriting is necessary.
  • Please ensure that you duly fill out the MBA application form, indicating your preference for the 1+1 program. Additionally, kindly submit your application for the affiliated Master’s degree program of your choosing by the admissions deadline in January 2024.

For further information and to apply for the Oxford Pershing Square Scholarship, please go to the official website.



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