Kreditkortsval's Economics Scholarships for Students

Kreditkortsval’s Economics Scholarships for Students

This organization is committed to contributing to society and providing assistance to aspiring individuals in the field of finance. Consequently, a scholarship program valued at 5,000 SEK has been established to support economics students undertaking research for their Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis in the field of finance, specifically focusing on topics linked to credit cards, payment methods, and their future implications.

How the scholarship program works

The scholarship provided by our institution has a monetary value of 5,000 SEK and will be granted biannually, specifically once in the autumn semester and once in the spring semester, over the forthcoming years. We extend our invitation to individuals who express interest and can provide evidence of enrollment at a Swedish college or university, or a comparable educational institution overseas. Additionally, applicants must demonstrate their intention to complete a bachelor’s or master’s thesis in the forthcoming semester.

Who meets the criteria for application?

The scholarship offered is specifically tailored for students pursuing academic disciplines such as economics or fields closely associated with financial technology and emerging payment solutions.

In Sweden Students:

In order to meet the criteria for applying to this scholarship, it is imperative that applicants are presently enrolled in a Swedish college or university and have the intention to compose an essay at the C or D level.

For abroad Students:

Commencing from the autumn semester of 2023, this scholarship program has been extended to encompass students pursuing education overseas. It is necessary to compose a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis as a prerequisite. The thesis should pertain to the field of finance or the prospective advancements in payment solutions.

The process of applying

To initiate the application process for the scholarship, kindly establish contact with us via email. It is imperative that you provide the requisite information as outlined below:
  • May I kindly request your whole legal name, please?
  • Verification of enrollment at an educational institution, either inside Sweden or outside.
  • This document provides a comprehensive overview of the intended essay, including a thorough description of its subject area.
  • Justification for the Merit of the Applicant in Receiving the Scholarship
The contact email provided is [email protected] We anticipate the receipt of your application and eagerly await the opportunity to provide assistance during your scholarly pursuit. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any inquiries or issues.


The dates for submitting applications are as follows:
  • The commencement of the Autumn Semester for the year 2023 is scheduled for October 31st.
  • On April 30, 2024, the Spring Semester of the academic year 2024 commenced.
The evaluation of all submissions will be conducted by a panel of financial experts, who will employ a rigorous selection process to identify the individual most suited for scholarship opportunities. The decision reached is seen to be conclusive.  

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