Fully Funded GIST Scholarship 2024: Study in South Korea

Fully Funded GIST Scholarship 2024: Study in South Korea

The GIST Scholarship program in 2023 offers a wonderful opportunity for talented individuals worldwide. This includes students, researchers, and technical professionals aspiring to pursue various academic degrees at the prestigious Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology in South Korea. By enrolling in this program, international students studying in Korea can establish a solid foundation for advancing science and technology.

Moreover, recipients of prestigious scholarships in South Korea can actively participate in collaborative research ventures. These opportunities span across international and national levels, encompassing both the private and public sectors.

Highlighting a focus on research, the GIST scholarship program in 2023 presents a diverse range of courses and projects. As GIST students, you gain the privilege of accessing cutting-edge knowledge in scientific and technological fields. Additionally, the GIST scholarship program stands as a collaborative initiative between the university and the South Korean Ministry of Science and Technology.

In the pursuit of fostering scientific technologists and fostering greater innovation, the ministry undertakes the complete responsibility of funding GIST students. Simultaneously, the university bolsters this objective by providing an extensive range of majors that center around research and science. This empowerment allows students to immerse themselves in the realms of investigation and exploration.

Prospective candidates are granted the chance to apply across a multitude of academic fields within Korean universities. The GIST program encompasses a diverse spectrum of disciplines. These span from electrical and computer engineering to materials science and mechanics, as well as earth and environmental engineering, biology, and chemistry. Furthermore, it extends its scope to encompass pioneering domains such as nano biomolecules, electronics, and artificial intelligence.

Funding for Korean GIST Scholarships:

As an international student, you will enjoy comprehensive tuition support, with all your fees being entirely waived.

  • For Master’s degree students, there will be a monthly compensation of 140,000 Won (approximately $1,200). Similarly, PHD students will receive a monthly stipend of 295,000 Won. Moreover, both Master’s and Ph.D. students will benefit from a monthly allowance of 100,000 Won dedicated to meal expenses.
  • Furthermore, the expenses for a one-way journey to Korea will be reimbursed. In terms of healthcare, the provided insurance will cover 60% of national healthcare costs, which includes annual checkups with a doctor.
  • Candidates holding a GPA of 3.5 or higher out of 4.5 in the previous semester will qualify for a 120,000 Won international student allowance.
  • To be eligible for the student and meal allowance, students must have successfully completed a minimum of 9 courses in the preceding semester.
  • For Master’s students who are actively engaged in research projects, an annual stipend of 5,461,249 Won will be granted. Similarly, Ph.D. students conducting research projects will receive a yearly stipend of 12,513,688 Won.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for GIST Scholarship:

  • To apply for GIST, having or anticipating a completed degree is a fundamental requirement.
  • In order to qualify for the GIST scholarship program, international student status is a mandatory criterion.
  • Additionally, possessing a degree equivalent to a bachelor’s degree in Korea is a prerequisite for applicants.
  • A crucial aspect for becoming a successful candidate is the proficiency in the English language.

Essential Documents for GIST Scholarship Application:

  • Official transcripts and degrees are a necessity for application. Alternatively, notarized or apostilled copies of transcripts are also considered acceptable.
  • Included in the application requirements are two separate letters of recommendation, both of which should bear the recommenders’ signatures and institutional seals.
  • It’s important to note that individual recommenders are not obligated to submit letters independently.
  • To satisfy the minimum English language proficiency criteria, achieving a score of 327 on the NEW TEPS, 80 on the TOEFL (BT), or 550 on the TOEFL (PBT) is essential. If your examination results face delays, an official English language certificate from your home institution can be submitted as an alternative.
  • Lastly, ensure to affix a photocopy of your passport to the application.

The application process for a GIST Scholarship entails the following steps:

  • To seek the GIST South Korea scholarship, commence by completing the online application form.
  • Devote ample time to meticulously fill out the form, as thoroughness is key to a successful submission.
  • In instances where certain sections are not applicable, simply indicate “NA” in those spaces.
  • Finally, make sure to submit your GIST scholarship application, accompanied by all the necessary documents, within the designated timeframe. This will prevent any potential confusion.

The closing date for GIST Scholarship applications:

The last date to apply for the GIST scholarship is October 13, 2023.

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