ADB Japan Scholarship Program at the University of Tokyo

ADB Japan Scholarship Program at the University of Tokyo

ADB Japan Scholarship Program at the University of Tokyo | Fully Funded |

The ADB Japan Scholarship Program is a Japanese government initiative that welcomes talented ADB nationals to pursue a master’s degree at participating institutions in the Asia-Pacific region. One of these institutions is the University of Tokyo in Japan. The Asian Development Japan Scholarship allows students to study for free at the University of Tokyo. The main purpose of fully funded scholarships for international students is to enhance the skills they have already developed and orient them toward development-related fields for a better future. 

The Japanese government’s scholarship program aims to promote research in the fields of business, science, and the environment. ADB Scholarships have supported the students of ABD member countries since 1988. Since its establishment, the Asian Development Bank has taken every step to contribute to the social and economic well-being of its member countries. 

To fulfill its mission, ADB always supports sustainability-based projects. Recognizing the changing needs of the Asia-Pacific region, the Asian Development Bank, in collaboration with the Government of Japan, funds ADD-Japan Scholarships for international students from member countries.

The University of Tokyo’s ASD-JSP Scholarship is an incredible opportunity for individuals to study for free at one of the world’s best educational institutions. Although international scholarships offer the opportunity to study at multiple institutions participating in this program, this article only covers the opportunity at the University of Tokyo. The University of Tokyo has approximately 4,200 international students. This makes the university a diverse institution. In addition to academic excellence, ADB scholars have the opportunity to learn, live together, respect diversity, and enjoy different cultures. Additionally, the university has so far produced 17 prime ministers, 17 Nobel laureates, 5 astronauts, and 1 field medalist. Therefore, the University of Tokyo must be the destination for ADB scholars. 

The graduates from this scholarship help their respective countries in development and other perspectives. Interestingly, international scholarships for master’s students allow you to apply to multiple institutes. This scholarship program is a good option only if you want to serve your country and its people in the best possible way. The following article will explain how to apply to the University of Tokyo based on ADB-JSP 2022. The benefits and eligibility criteria are as follows. 

2024 ADB Japan Scholarship Program:

Host country:

  • Japan

Host university:

  • University of Tokyo

Funded by:

  • Japanese government

Sponsored by:

  • Asian Development Bank

Course of Study:

  • Master’s degree program

Eligible departments:

  • Department of Natural Environment
  • Department of Marine Technology, Policy and Environment 
  • Environmental Systems Department 
  • Department of Human Technology and Environment
  • Department of Social Culture and Environment
  • Department of International Relations
  • Sustainability Science Graduate Program: Global Leadership Initiative

Benefits of the 2024 ADB Japan Scholarship Program:

  • ADB Japan scholarship covers the full tuition fee. 
  • Scholarship holders will receive a monthly maintenance fee and a housing allowance. 
  • Scholarship recipients will receive assistance with books and teaching materials. 
  • The scholarship recipient’s health insurance will apply. 
  • Travel expenses will be provided. 

ADB Japan Scholarship Program 2024 Eligibility Criteria:

  • Candidates must be nationals of ADB member countries or Japan’s ODA donor countries. 
  • Candidates must be enrolled in a master’s program at the University of Tokyo in Japan. 
  • Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree and an excellent academic record. 
  • Candidates must have two years of professional experience after completing their studies. 
  • Candidates must have sufficient English proficiency. Candidates must be 35 years of age or older. However, for systems for senior civil servants and managers, the age limit is 45 years old. 
  • Candidates are not eligible to apply if they are employees or have a direct relationship with an ADB employee. 
  • Candidates must be in good health and able to travel to Tokyo to study. 
  • Applicants who do not live or work in their home country are not eligible to apply. 
  • Candidates must be approved to return to their home country after completing the program. To continue the scholarship in the second year, candidates must have an excellent academic record. 

How can I apply for her ADB scholarship program in 2024? 

  • Candidates must apply to the University of Tokyo for their desired master’s program. 
  • Candidates must declare for consideration for ADB scholarships. 
  • Candidates must send The ADB JSP information sheet form to the University of Tokyo. 
  • Candidates must submit proof of income, a tax return, or family income proof. 
  • The University of Tokyo will rank applicants and send their details to ADB. 
  • Documents must be submitted online and mailed.

ADB University of Tokyo Scholarship 2024 application process:

  • The application process is divided into five main steps. 
  • Candidates must find a supervisor at the University of Tokyo. 
  • Candidates must submit one complete application by December. 
  • The University of Tokyo will review submitted application qualifications from December to February. 
  • Successful applicants have until March to apply for their GSFS ADB scholarship. 

Application deadline:

  • The application deadline for the ADB Japan Scholarship Program at the University of Tokyo is December 10, 2023.

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